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How long does it take to make a dress?
This depends on a number of factors such as style and fabric. As a guide, the bridesmaid's dresses in the Millenium case study would take a month to make, and the overall timeframe will depend on when you are available for fittings. As a general rule we would recommend you get in touch with us as soon as you know what kind of dress you want. The more pieces of work you want done, the more time you need to allow.

Urgent cases are normally possible. In such cases please contact us to discuss possibilities.

What fabrics do we use?
We can make your dress out of any fabric as long as it is suitable for the style of dress.

Can I provide my own fabric?
Yes. It is a good idea to send us a sample before paying for your fabric to check that it is suitable for the design. Also, check with us on the quantity of fabric required as you don't want to get too little and also don't want to overspend on too much. See the fabric descriptions and quantities sections of this website for more information on fabrics you might want to use. We can also order fabric from you from a range of specially selected stockists, often at discount prices.

I live a long way from Uxbridge. Can I still use your services?
Yes. It helps if you can come to us for at least one fitting. If you are far away we can send you rough versions of the garments which you will need to mark up. This means that your markups will have to be fairly accurate, but this should not be a problem as the process is easy. You will also be able to follow the progress of your dress at your own password protected url, so that you can feel like you are seeing it in person. There may be a small increase in cost for this service

I don't want you to make a whole dress, just to carry out alterations on one I have already.
We can do this, but we assess each project on a case by case basis. If you are interested in this service please send us a photo of the garment you want to be adjusted, with details of what you want done.

What if I change my mind after you have started making my dress?
We will have at least one consultation session before any fabric is cut. When a design is agreed upon you with you you will then need to provide a non-refundable deposit - it is non-refundable to cover occasions where ideas so change. We will also ask you to pay upfront for any fabric purchase on your behalf.

I am a size 20 and have been having problems finding a dress to fit me. Can you help?
Yes. The methodology we use means we can design for any size of bride. Your dress is tailored to your figure.

Will you take on other work commisions outside the field of weddings?
We will certainly consider any work outside our normal remit. If we refuse it will be because we do not feel we can provide the level of service you will require.

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