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About us is about creating the dress that you want.

Our emphasis is on working together with you to create your dream dress, so you should expect to be consulted at all stages of your dress' construction.

We will invite you to visit us for an initial consultation, so that we can decide together on the type of design that we are going to pursue. Then you will be given a password protected URL, which will allow you, and only those people to whom you give your password, to look at pictures of your dress as we work on it, a diary of time spent and a record of expenses. You will be sent an email each time your page is updated, and you will be encouraged to give your feedback on progress as much as possible. You will know exactly what is happening with your dress, what it looks like and how much it is costing all the way through its construction.

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One of the rough outfits for the Blue haze bridesmaids
Selection of outfits made by for the Cornflower lines project
Embroidery rough design as made for Country linen wedding
Mother of the groom outfit from the Country linen wedding
Usher's tie and groom's waistcoat and cravat as made by
Bridesmaids dress and wrap made by
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